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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business And Make More Money: Giving Our Social Media Secrets Away for Local and Online Businesses!

How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business And Make More Money!

This book will show you how you can use social media marketing to grow your business and make more money!

Social media is rapidly changing our world. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to use it effectively… until now. By understanding how social media marketing works, you can transform your business, exceed your goals, and take your business (and your life) to the next level. Don’t take social media advice from your friends or family, take advice from the experts. SMM International is an award-winning social media marketing firm that works with experts all over the world to bring your business global results!

By reading How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business And Make More Money, you will immediately know:

  • How important social media marketing is to your business
  • How easy it can be to use social media marketing… the right way
  • How to get your business ranked on Google
  • How to get your business ranked on Google
  • How to use the most popular social media sites to grow your business and make more money
  • Now, you’ll have everything it takes to be successful online!


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Better Business, Better Life, Better World: The Movement Kindle Edition

62 extraordinary entrepreneurs and social leaders from around the world answer this one critical question:
‘What would be the best advice you’d give to your grandchildren to help them build a Better Business, a Better Life and a Better World?’

This book curates their powerful, wise and heart-to-heart answers.

Between them the authors have advised governments, mentored startups to Fortune 500 companies, won awards and acclaim, written 42 other books and been featured by Forbes Inc, The New York Times, CNN and the BBC.

** Something extra too: When you buy this book, you positively impact the life of at least one person in need somewhere in the world. See for more.**

Includes… Dr Hanan Al-Mutawa, Kylie Anderson, Lee Baker, Alec Blacklaw, Misti Bliss, Steven Briginshaw, Tony Brooks, Russell Byrne, Carolyn Butler-Madden, Helen Campbell, Glen Carlson, Kristy Castleton, Anna Lisa Ciaccio, Michael Coates, Mathew Colin Davis, Paul Davis, Angela Docherty, Ryll Burgin-Doyle, Deanne Firth, Stuart Fitzpatrick, Daniel Flynn, Cassie Footman, Euan Forbes, Karina Grassy, Matt Grbcic, Deborah and Jeremy Harris, Dr William Huynh, Bernadette Jiwa, Jody Ann Johnson, Ali Kitinas, Brian Keen, Louisa Lee, Shane Lukas, Alisoun Mackenzie, Mike McKay, Peter Milligan, Catherine Molloy, Andrew Moore, Sharon Moore, Harvee Pene, Steve Pipe, Chris Robb, Lisa Rubinstein, Wilamina Russo, Wayne Schmidt, Jamie and Geoff Selby, Yanik Silver, Luke Smith, Natalie Stevens, Silver Storic, Cris Sweeny, Peter Tattersall, Linda Tsiokas, Tim Wade, Ben Walker, Virginia Walker, Sarah Wentworth-Perry, Christopher Wick, Doug Winnie, Yue Weng Cheu and Zander Woodford-Smith.

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Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals In Action Paperback – June 11, 2019


In 2015, a group of well-respected business leaders got together in Geneva. People like Sir Richard Branson, Paul Polman and Bill Gates.

And what they launched that day gave the world something new; something we’ll look back on as a critical moment in time.

They laid out a plan for business to save our world.

The plan had 17 goals and they gave us until 2030 to reach those goals.

This plan became the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) or the Global Goals. Think of it as a pathway for business and a pathway for humanity.

This brilliantly conceived and crafted book shows how ‘ordinary’ people are adopting, embracing and applying the goals and directly changing our world. More importantly, this book shows you how you can tread that pathway with them.

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