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Social Media Marketing FAQ’s

As more and more business owners turn to social media as one of their major promotional methods, the need to understand Social Media Marketing becomes even more important.


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM involves promoting content in various ways to social media users, in attempt to increase traffic and exposure. SMM can involve developing content that targets social media users, users, requesting, and anything else that involves getting votes and traffic from social media websites.


What are the benefits linked to social media?

Social media has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers. It’s no longer necessary for a consumer to pick up the phone to learn about your products or services.

Potential clients can now find all the information they need with just the click of a mouse. Creating a social media presence for your business allows you to connect with consumers in a more personal way than traditional media allowed for. It also allows you to meet them on their terms and in the location they feel most comfortable spending time.


What are the benefits of a Twitter account?

Twitter allows potential customers to get a better understanding of who you are, what your business is all about and how you might best serve their needs given their particular circumstance. It also enables your business to follow and connect with a very specific target audience.   Tweeting about your business, sharing interesting facts, answering common questions and offering helpful insight will build loyalty and trust. Plus, tweeting on a consistent basis will help you find your brand voice and tweeting rhythm; two very important components to a successful Twitter strategy.


What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page?

A Facebook “Profile” also known as your personal “Timeline,” is the standard Facebook experience, representing one person, his or her interests, and his or her connections with other Facebook users.

A Facebook “Page” on the other hand, may be used to brand a product or represent a company, community, or special interest group. Facebook offers many free ways to help a company interact with the users that choose to connect with or “like” them.


Why is a Facebook Business page important?

There was a time when I would have unequivocally answered yes to this question. However, marketing your business on Facebook has evolved. The pros of a fan page are search engine visibility and the ability to build meaningful relationships with people truly interested in your product or service.


How is YouTube important?

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google and the top site for video content. With over 2 billion monthly views and 1 billion unique users, YouTube has the ability to put your content in front of the right people. In fact, recent statistics prove the power of video as viewers consume more than 4 billion hours of video each month.

YouTube can bring a whole new look and feel to your online persona.


Why is a blog important?

A blog is an incredibly important aspect of social media marketing. It offers you a platform to publish your thoughts, give advice, and share the knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

It is also a perfect way to extend the social media conversation and brand yourself as an expert within your field. Blogs make it possible for you to increase your reach and connect with people you might never have had the opportunity to meet through traditional marketing mediums.


We sometimes see people leave star ratings on our Facebook Page, but Facebook won’t let us respond or see who left it. Is there anything we can do?

If the review is showing up anonymous, that’s because the reviewer has limited public visibility in their personal Facebook settings. While this can certainly be frustrating, it shouldn’t stop you from paying attention to the reviews that are visible on your page. By thanking reviewers for positive feedback, you will show potential fans and other people who visit your Page that you care about your customers and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. By responding to negative feedback, you have the opportunity to resolve potential problems and improve customer relationships


How many social media sites should I use?

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media sites out there, it’s impossible to use them all. Generally, it’s more effective to use a small number actively, and if you want to have accounts at other sites that you use ocassionally, that’s fine. Because part of being a successful social media user involves building a profile and a reputation at the site, it is much more realistic to achieve this when you’re using a small number of sites consistently.


Why is it worth my time?

Social media marketing is worth your time because of the exposure, name recognition and branding opportunities that it presents. There are other benefits, such as increased search engine traffic through link building, and the opportunity to connect with potential clients


Why do I need to add “friends”?

Many social media sites include a friends feature that allows users to connect. Social media is after all “social”, and building a network of other users and a stronger profile for yourself will lead to more influence. Many “power users” of social media get tons of votes for their submissions because they have so many friends, and those friends are more likely to see their submissions and to vote for them.


How can a network help me with social media marketing?

Other users who are a part of your network will be more likely to vote for your content or your submissions when they see them. People like helping others that they know and like, so being well-connected can lead to a lot of other users that are eager and willing to help you. Additionally, many social media users request votes for their submissions or for their content. In this case, having a large network of other users can lead to more votes.


How can I get started with social media?

The best thing to do is to be active. Pick a few sites that are well-suited to your interests or to the content that you want to promote, and be active every day. Vote for others, leave comments, add friends, and submit content.


Why does it matter who submits an item to a social media site?

Many social media sites place a great deal of weight in the profile of the submitter. If the user that is submitting an item has lots of friends and an established reputation, the item will almost always get more votes than it would if the average user submitted it. The item being submitted is benefiting from the strong profile that the user has developed over time.